• Quantitative methods of research for social science (BA and MA)
    University of Vienna (2017 and 2018)
    Method courses for bachelor’s students and master’s students covering basic and advanced knowledge of statistical methods of analysis for the social sciences, combined with applied knowledge of Stata
  • Bachelor’s seminar
    University of Vienna (2018)
    A method course for bachelor’s students who are preparing their final thesis
  • Introduction to Political Psychology
    University of Dusseldorf (November 2016)
    Block seminar for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Teacher training
    EUI (January, 2016)
    Four-day full-time training dedicated to practices and theories of teaching at university level
  • LUISS University (Rome, November 2015), “Quantitative content analysis: theoretical and empirical challenges”. Guest lecture as part of the course on ‘Methods of research in social Science’ by Professor Lorenzo de Sio
  • LUISS University (Rome, November 2015), “Understanding media effects. Evidence from political psychology”. Guest lecture as part of the course on ‘Public Opinion and Political Behaviour’ by Professor Lorenzo de Sio

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