Internet and online journalism in Italy (VIDEO)

While broadband penetration in Italy is still at the lowest levels in Europe, the effects of internet on Italian media to date have been mixed. Although new information spaces have appeared, the web has not had a strong impact on the dominance of large media players or on the close relationship between journalism and politics. What Italy is still missing are authoritative voices, able to overcome partisan interests and act as ‘watchdogs’ of politics and information alike.

This video is the last part of the project “Media in Italy and the digital challenge”, which has carried out with the support of the Open Society Foundation. In addition to a preview on the reform of Italy’s state television RAI, previous episodes have focussed on information sources and digital terrestrial television.

Summary of the episodes:

-Preview: Italy’s state television RAI and the need for reform
Video / Slideshow
1. Information sources and the use of media in Italy
Video / Slideshow
2. The Italian broadcasting duopoly and digital television
Video / Slideshow
3. Internet and online journalism
Video / Slideshow

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