The rise of Murdoch’s empire

Two articles published on the LSE Media Policy Blog and, as News Corp’s bid for fully acquire BSkyB is about to be cleared by the UK Culture Secretary.

1. The challenge of measuring media plurality: Expert workshop at the LSE
LSE Media Policy Project
– 07/03/11

If News Corp’s decision to spin-off Sky News – paving the way towards the complete acquisition of BSkyB – had been announced before the expert workshop held at the LSE on 2 March, the key questions of the debate would likely have remained the same. Whether or not the deal will be approved, the problem of defining and measuring media plurality is still extremely challenging. The question of how to define and measure media plurality is far from reaching consensus, especially between experts and policy makers…
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2. The rise of Murdoch’s empire in the UK – 08/03/11

News Corporation’s bid to fully acquire British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) will be given the green light by the UK Government. On 3 March, Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, said he believes that the undertakings from News Corp “will address concerns about media plurality”, thus paving the way towards the merger…
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